I was on Bike Florida “Surf and Turf” and the shower truck delivered at least as much as promised, maybe more: I didn’t check hours. I’ll tell you the same thing I just wrote to them: great choice. At the end of the ride, a hot shower was a great thing, and the shower truck delivered. The shower truck wasn’t “hang on”, it wasn’t “we’re working on it” — it delivered. You all made a week of camping much better. Thank you.
— Scott Mark
Simply put, No Sweat Mobile Showers is the best. From pristine showers with hot and cold water, to friendly, attentive staff, to an “on-site” mobile charging service, there is no other company that even comes close in quality and service. In fact, when our tour used another shower truck company one year, not only did we see a drop in participation,—- we also got an increase in complaints. Lesson learned ! ! When we went back to No Sweat in 2015, we instantly saw our participation increase and there was not a single complaint. I highly recommend No Sweat Mobile Showers to any event director.
— Joy Hancock, Bike Florida Tours Director
No Sweat is an amazing experience. I was blown away that I could be at an event and take a hot shower. The concept is just terrific. Plus, the Shower Truck has a built-in mobile phone charging station so I can charge my much-used iPhone. The No Sweat Shower Truck was clean and well taken care of, the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, and I would definitely recommend their services to my friends.
— David Garrison - South Carolina
I’ve experienced No Sweat Mobile Showers’ unique services several times from the time the company had their first truck until now with multiple units of varying size. I was delighted to find that now I can leave my phone at the new charging station while taking a refreshing shower. Clean, safe and professional are words that come to mind when asked about No Sweat Mobile Showers.
— Tim Roberson - South Carolina
As an event director I am motivated to hire people who do what they say they will do, people I can rely on without question. People who are as motivated as I am to provide the best service to my event participants. No Sweat Shower Service treats my customers as if they were their customers. No sweat is simply the best.
— Ken Foster, Bike Florida Spring Tour Director, 2012, 2014 & 2015.
No Sweat has provided shower service for our organization for many years. They offer an exceptionally clean and comfortable shower experience to our guests in demanding conditions. I can depend on the truck to be perfectly maintained and the staff to be friendly and helpful to our guests, staff, and volunteers. They pay great attention to every detail of the job they do. We have tried many other companies and no one stacks up against No Sweat.
— Kimberly Perry, Ed.D., Executive Director, Bike Virginia
I just want to say that I and the whole crew I ride with, love the No Sweat Mobile Shower Truck. It is clean and bright, with slide-out sinks and mirrors. We really look forward to seeing it at the end of each day’s ride. The water is always hot and the water pressure is consistent, unlike many other shower trucks we have tried over the years. The recent addition of the charging stations is a “big plus” as we have become much more dependent on our electronic devices. Great shower trucks and great folks!
— Don Sprinkle Charlotte, NC